Born in Moscow, Russia. Aleksandr (Alex) is a still life photographer. 

“I always loved photography as a hobby capturing music, festivals, and people, but I never thought that it would lead to a full-time career; capturing images of fictional characters and military dudes running with weapons through apocalyptic landscapes.”

In 2009, Alex joined Petrol Advertising, as a graphic designer and photographer, assigned to capture proof of concept images. Until one day, Alex was tasked with exploring a new concept. A story about a fictional military character, the shoot captured raw emotion and anticipation, the calm before the storm. "The sitting bull" became the final image that defined an ongoing franchise for Call of Duty Black Ops.  

For the next eight years, as Petrol grew in size and portfolio, so did Alex. His images became some of the most iconic advertisements displayed worldwide including; The Call of Duty Franchise Black Ops I, II, III, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare), GWENT®: The Witcher Card Game, Darksouls III, Summoners War: Team Up (ft. Dave Franco & Allison Brie) Taichi Panda (ft. Ronda Rousey), WWE 2K15 John Cena, UFC 200: Its Time (ft. Tate vs. Nunes)

In 2015, Alex won his first international digital photography contest. Sponsored by ONA and Format the "Format #myonhand" contest garnered Alex offline and online social recognition. Through his recent body of work, Alex continues to explore and expand his portfolio, choosing to focus solely on still life photography.

“When I see great product design, I observe it as a form of art. It’s in the details, contour, form and elements of the texture used on the surface that inspires me. All of it motivates me to experiment with light and to define the composition. Ultimately, it enables me to tell a story about the prominent features of the object, and its purpose.” 

He lives in Los Angeles, with his fiancé Dana. Together they spend the majority of their time in the Eastern Sierra mountains bouldering, hiking, and catching rainstorms.

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