This year, we had the incredible opportunity to conduct a photoshoot for Therabody's holiday campaign, focusing on their innovative percussive therapy devices. Tasked with creating bold and graphic aesthetic imagery, our journey began with a 2D sketch, experimenting with various shapes and determining the most cost-effective materials to build a modular set.

Opting for wood as the primary material, we assembled a set featuring wood dowels and rectangular platform boxes into a staircase structure. This design allowed us to strategically stage the Therabody devices, emphasizing their importance and practical usage. To optimize resources, we painted the entire set in a neutral grey, reserving the addition of color during post-production based on the products' exercise and lifestyle themes.

The shoot encompassed three unique setups with additional angle variations, incorporating holiday elements like ornaments while maintaining a minimalistic look to ensure the Therabody devices remained the focal point. The two full-day shoots offered diverse content to meet various marketing needs.

The post-production phase presented notable challenges, requiring a rapid turnaround and precise editing. Meticulous attention was dedicated to applying distinct color themes to individual setups and seamlessly integrating backgrounds. The absence of a white Theragun posed a hurdle, compelling us to adeptly convert a black Theragun to white—a process that involved overcoming a substantial learning curve for a convincing outcome. Additionally, we focused on augmenting LED light effects from the mask and Theragun Pro, ensuring a believable cast and reflection in the final visuals.

Check out the work below, bts, preparation, and website results.







CLIENT: Therabody

CLIENT TEAM: Sara Dickerson, Josh Pineda, Laura Pollock, Charlie Pelletier


PROP STYLIST: Dana Kapustin



RETOUCHER: RIG Studio LA, Mareike Keicher


Therabody is a wellness technology company best known for its innovation in percussive therapy devices, particularly through its flagship product, the Theragun. The brand has become important in the health and wellness industry for several reasons:

  • Innovation in Percussive Therapy: Therabody has been at the forefront of percussive therapy, a form of deep tissue massage that uses rapid, repetitive strokes to stimulate muscles and relieve tension. The Theragun, Therabody's pioneering product, is designed to provide deep muscle treatment more effectively and comfortably than traditional massage tools. Its unique ergonomic design and proprietary motor technology deliver powerful and targeted massage therapy, which can help improve muscle recovery, reduce pain, and increase range of motion.
  • Expanding Wellness Product Range: Beyond the Theragun, Therabody has expanded its product lineup to include a range of wellness tools and solutions, such as the Wave series (vibrating foam rollers and massage balls), TheraOne (CBD-infused topicals for pain and recovery), and recovery boots. This diversification demonstrates Therabody's commitment to providing comprehensive wellness solutions that address various aspects of physical health and recovery.
  • Accessibility to Professional and Consumer Markets: Therabody's products are used by professional athletes, sports teams, physical therapists, and fitness enthusiasts, making advanced recovery tools accessible to both professionals and the general public. This wide range of applications has helped democratize access to high-quality recovery and wellness technologies.
  • Education and Awareness: Therabody also places a strong emphasis on education and awareness around muscle recovery, pain management, and the benefits of percussive therapy. Through its app, website, and social media channels, the company provides valuable resources and guidance on how to use its products effectively as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness.
  • Global Reach and Influence: With its products available in over 60 countries, Therabody has a significant global presence. Its influence extends beyond product sales, as the brand actively collaborates with medical professionals, researchers, and athletes to innovate and educate on wellness practices, contributing to a broader understanding and appreciation of the importance of recovery in physical health.

Therabody's importance lies in its role as a pioneer in the field of percussive therapy and wellness technology, offering innovative products that enhance physical recovery and wellness. Its commitment to quality, education, and accessibility has made it a key player in the health and wellness industry, impacting how individuals manage their physical health and recovery processes.

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